working with professional software engineers has never been so amazing.

Weberry is a software house specialized in custom software development, especially with Java and Clodud technologies. Started in 2018 by experienced software developers, Weberry faces market needs and solve real issues.

use our knowledge and experience

Weberry is a software house founded by two guys with strong technical background. Through all this years we have been working for many clients from all over the world.

Thanks to that we have realized over 19 projects for clients from many branches of industry. We have took part in many projects starting from the Media and VOD, through Automotive, Healthcare to Financial Services and Fintech.

We had been working with as big corporations as small software houses. We have got knowledge about all those processes related to software development and we are here to help you build your amazing app without deep dive into that.

We create custom software according to your requirements using most common technologies like Java and Cloud. We also have good understanding how the startups work so we can be your technical partner as well.

what can we do for you?

Custom software development

Do you got an idea? Tell us more and let's create an amazing app. Custom products is what we love. We support both web and mobile.

Dedicated development team

After analysing your needs, we can create a custom, cross-skilled team of developers to support your team. Use our experience!

Consulting, audits and trainings

Do you have a project that is not within your competence? Want to find weak points in your application? We are here to help you.

technology stacks

Weberry - Java Development
Weberry - Angular Development
Weberry - React Development
Weberry = Spring Development
Weberry - Spring Development
Weberry - Redux Development
Weberry - JavaScript Development
Weberry - Node Development
Weberry = Cassandra
Weberry - Kafka
Weberry - Docker Infrastructure
Weberry - Kubernetes

how the process looks like?